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Just because you hit the “SEND” button does not mean the people on your email list will receive your messages. In fact, even if they have opted in to receive messages from you, studies have shown that for every five opt-in messages sent, at least one does not make it to people’s inboxes. You certainly would not that to be your message. Look through your own spam folder. What do you see? Chances are that emails from brands...

Email marketing is about striking a conversation with a newcomer who recently subscribed & building a lasting relation with your existing customers by providing a good user experience. Going a step ahead, your email marketing emails need to be personalized based on the behavioral, demographics, purchase history, or even the current placement of them in the customer journey. Yet sticking to the ‘tried and tested’ ways to improving the conversion rate of your emails is not...

Email marketing when well-executed can bring in a huge revenue for your business. Whether you want to build brand reputation, yield new customers and retain the old ones or drive evangelists who look forward to hearing from you, a thoughtfully created email can do it all. Successful email marketing is not only about generating profits but also about cost cutting. Interestingly, that’s the main concern for clients who choose EmailMonks for their campaign management services. In view of...