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Waiting for someone special?

Waiting for someone special?

Interacting with the opposite sex for companionship and future partnership in life is a very important need. Companionship, short term or long term is necessary for psychological wellbeing and deep social bonding.

In the past, the schools, colleges, religious places, neighborhoods  were a fertile ground for the young couples to meet and have relationships. The young couples dated and married and settled down in their early twenties. Dating was a social behavior which was looked down upon but not a lifestyle.

In the later years, the young couples prefer to linger on till the late twenties and early thirties before settling down. The need for meeting older men and women came into existence. To make way for a possible respectable approach towards one another in the past, adverts were placed in the local newspapers and magazines by dating agencies for the interested people to call and register. It was necessary for the men and the women to physically visit the agency and pay a certain amount of money to keep their names on their registers. Many often this would amount to disclosure of identities. Disclosure of identities was very embarrassing as dating was considered a taboo.

Times changed and so has social values. Dating is no longer a taboo in most modern societies. Dating is now a life style necessity that needs to be fulfilled just like any other needs.  Technological changes have brought in simplification of the approach process. Men and women need not go to a dating agency to register. They can register on line or download an application on their mobile phone and register their name and fill in the details and pay online. These phone apps and the portals provide the location of the people to meet as per selected options. Now a days machine learning has made dating even more informative and attractive. Machine learning crunches data and provides the most feasible number of people worthy of meeting  as per the search algorithms.

Dating is worth 1 billion of dollars industry in the United States. It is worth much more worldwide. Dating apps and portals are the most powerful connection builders of the modern age.  As these use algorithms the match becomes near perfect. The tastes, education, socio economic , and religious backgrounds are incorporated to find the perfect match. It has been found that more than 50% of the matches made on dating portals and apps have transitioned into marriage.  The technology has made the human relationships more relevant.  These dating apps make it sure that one does not waste any time with any incompatibility. These apps are a true value creator in the lives of lonely humans.

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