Predicting Your Financial Future Through Astrology

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Although it might sound peculiar but the practice has ancient roots. W.D. Gann, a financial astrologer born in Texas in 1875, became a legendary trader. Even J.P. Morgan and Charles Schwab consulted astrologers, notably Evangeline Adams, throughout the early 20th century. “Millionaires don’t need astrology—billionaires do,” Morgan supposedly quipped.


Hello, compulsive behavior. Now, we're not going to delve into the specifics of OCD, but we are going to talk about compulsive behavior, what it is, and how we're all a bit OCD when it gets right down to it. Would you be able to recognize the compulsive zodiac signs? That's where astrology comes in to help.

Compulsive behavior is when we perform actions that we feel are necessary, no matter how weird or unnecessary these actions are. Like facing a knife away from you at a restaurant table, or checking to see if you have your keys, even though you've just locked your door and have the keys in your hand. Compulsion is not about thinking — it's about acting in way that personally works with your own mental condition. Translation: we're all nuts.

According to the zodiac, we all come with certain traits and aspects. But each zodiac sign is also equipped with its own version of OCD. Who does what strange thing? What signs do what? Let's take a look at the compulsive things that each zodiac sign does, whether they like it or not!